Vodafone BIG Apps Lisboa Finalists Announced

After more than 180 submitions the Vodafone BIG Apps Lisboa jury chose only 20 to go further into the Development Phase. The LxViewer was one of the few selected!

You can vote for our app here.

Here is the full list of the 20 Apps selected, divided by CITY and TOURISM


  1. Crash&Play
  2. OutXperience
  3. RaLF: Ring a Local Friend
  4. Secret Lisbon
  5. Story Trail
  6. Through My Eyes
  7. Tourism Achievement
  8. Tourist Near Us
  9. Urban Notes
  10. UrbanSherpa


  1. Déjà Vu
  2. Eat n’ Out
  3. Ephemera
  4. Ervila
  5. LxViewer
  6. MapitOff
  7. My Creative Experience
  8. Streetpreneurs
  9. Tgo
  10. Theatral Guide

(source: Vodafone BIG Apps Lisboa)

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